HashChain in the News: U.S. News & World Report

Great news! U.S. News & World Report just posted their story on Ripple's deal with Moneygram and included Pat's expert insights in the story:


The story, titled "Moneygram deal gives Ripple a Boost" was posted this morning and is the top story under the "Money" category on their homepage. Along with Dean Anastos, Pat's insights are the only expert insights featured in the story.

  Here's the excerpt:

Patrick Gray, CEO of HashChain Technology, Inc., says the Moneygram deal is another important feather in Ripple's cap as top cryptocurrencies continue to jostle for dominance on a daily basis.

"Ripple's unique advantage lies in its speedy transaction time of only two to three seconds, as well as the fact that it is backed by global banks and financial institutions like American Express," Gray says.